Our work

How does Play It On operate? Who can get involved?

Play It On was established in Denmark and now has branches in Germany and the United States, too.

We first address football clubs and sports-related institutions, who want to engage in a social, sustainable and international program with sports and cooperation as focal points. Play It On also engages travellers who want a different, fun travel by agreeing to transport some sports gear and thus be part of contributing to ugandan children’s possibility of doing sports.



Shortly put, Play It On addresses and engages three kinds of actors:

  • Football clubs and institutions
  • Travellers and tourists – both individuals and groups
  • Partner schools, children and youth in Uganda

Play It On gives the two first kinds of actors – clubs and travellers – the opportunity of contributing to local Ugandan programs focusing on sustainability and local cooperation, and most importantly; being part of creating equal access to sport and play for children and youth regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion, in Uganda.