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img1There are many ways in which you can engage in the work of Play It On:

Engage in, contribute to or support Play It On as an organisation.

  • Apply as a partner organisation that donates sports gear or learn more about how to take part in our work as a football club or an other sports-related organisation.

Participate as a traveller

Play It On gives both groups associated with sports clubs and regular travellers and tourists the opportunity to transport a bag of sports gear or equipment from Denmark to Uganda. In this way both sustainability and global social awareness are strengthened: the traveller contributes to re-usage and redistribution, as well as the traveller gets the opportunity to meet with and engage in Ugandan local life in a different, interactive and meaningful way. By involving travellers as vital parts of the project, Play It On believes that the relationship between locals and tourists can be strengthened and intercultural exchange promoted.


As a traveller, you are put in contact with Play It On’s partner organisation CECOD, who arranges a contact and a meeting between the travelling and a local coordinator in Uganda from CECOD. Upon arrival in Uganda, CECOD will arrange a meeting between the traveller, the organisation and locals. Play It On’s partnership with CECOD ensures that the sports gear from Denmark is distributed in a fair and local manner – once a school is certified by CECOD it also has the opportunity of participating in Play It On’s program and receiving sports gear. The partnership also makes it possible for the traveller to meet a local, independent NGO and experience their work and community by accompanying them to the school where the sports gear is bound – and maybe even test the sports gear in a football match.


Be part of our work by donating online.

  • Play It On is nonprofit and operates and administers under almost no costs. All of your donation will go to our program.

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Engage as a Volunteer

Be part of our work as a volunteer.

  • Do you have a talent that Play It On could use? Then contact us immediately.

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